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the art in catering




tHE bar

the experience

The service

We proudly stand as the originators of the world's first hookah bar. Our vision stemmed from a profound appreciation for the importance of events and the intricacies they entail. We crafted our hookah bar to reflect the level of sophistication and presentation that you expect and deserve.

Started in 2020, our entrepreneurial journey took flight with a singular purpose: to stand out from the crowd. Understanding the true definition of catering, we are unconventional hookah catering service that aims not just to cater, but to make a lasting impression. Our commitment lies in crafting an experience that resonates, leaving an indelible statement etched in the tapestry of your events.


We firmly believe that the most potent form of marketing success stems from direct customer interactions. With this ethos in mind, our mission is to provide your guests with unparalleled service, creating an experience that lingers long after the event. 


We understand
what your expectations are.

We understand the importance of presentation and service. We cater to you and your guests, how we expect to be catered to.  Your invaluable support to our small business is deeply cherished, and we understand that leaving a lasting impression on you and your guests translates to future success for us.

No SHortcuts, ever.

Shortcuts are not in our vocabulary; our dedication lies in delivering the utmost quality in both products and service. Prior to any event we take time to clean and disinfect all our equipment, and we provide brand new disposable hoses for the finest smoke session. The day of the event we understand the potential chaos of time management and perfecting everything, we collaborate closely with you, aligning with your schedule to guarantee a seamless and exceptional experience.

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